13U Division Overall Record

0.719 Win%
11 TRIPS4618141330


2018 13U Youth Nationals

Finished 1st of 13 teams.
St. Louis Fusion (MO)12-0 WinElizabethtown Sports Park Field #127/21/1811:00 AMElizabethtown, KY1-W 0-L
Lake Erie Warhawks (OH)6-5 WinElizabethtown Sports Park Field #127/21/183:00 PMElizabethtown, KY2-W 0-L
Bowie Bulldogs (MD)10-7 WinElizabethtown Sports Park Field #107/22/181:00 PMElizabethtown, KY3-W 0-L
Illinois Dodgers (IL)22-0 WinElizabethtown Sports Park Field #107/23/181:00 PMElizabethtown, KY4-W 0-L
Cedarburg Mercs (WI)21-0 WinElizabethtown Sports Park Field #107/23/185:00 PMElizabethtown, KY5-W 0-L
#2 Seed Overall
Cedarburg Mercs (WI)16-9 WinElizabethtown Sports Park Field #127/25/1811:00 AMElizabethtown, KY6-W 0-L
Lake Erie Warhawks (OH)11-10 WinElizabethtown Sports Park Field #107/26/189:00 AMElizabethtown, KY7-W 0-L
LKN Wildcats (NC)11-10 WinElizabethtown Sports Park Field #107/26/181:00 PMElizabethtown, KY8-W 0-L

2018 13U Chesapeake Classic

Finished 1st out of 14 teams.
Jersey Giants (NJ)12-3 WinHarford CC8/10/1810:15 AMBel Air, MD1-W 0-L
PA Playmakers (PA)18-7 WinHarford CC8/10/182:45 PMBel Air, MD2-W 0-L
West Babylon Eagles (NY)15-0 WinYankee8/11/1810:15 AMAberdeen, MD3-W 0-L
#2 Seed Overall
Jersey Giants (NJ)12-2 WinHarford CC8/12/1811:15 AMBel Air, MD4-W 0-L
Richmond Flying Squirrels (KY)15-0 WinHarford CC8/12/181:30 PMBel Air, MD5-W 0-L
A's Warrior Nation (NJ)13-2 WinYankee8/12/185:00 PMAberdeen, MD6-W 0-L


2017 13U Triple Crown D-1 World Series

Finished 39th out of 46 teams.
EBA Baseball (CA)13-9 LoseOak Creek Upper Field7/26/1712:30 PMSteamboat Springs, CO0-W 1-L
SL Sidewinders (UT)8-7 WinOak Creek Upper Field7/26/172:45 PMSteamboat Springs, CO1-W 1-L
Amour Baseball (CO)29-6 LoseStrawberry Field7/27/177:30 AMSteamboat Springs, CO1-W 2-L
#36 Overall Seed - Bronze Bracket
Team No Fear Silver (CA)10-6 LoseSteamboat Springs7/28/1712:00 PMSteamboat Springs, CO1-W 3-L
Lone Star Cubs (TX)12-11 WinSteamboat Springs7/28/172:00 PMSteamboat Springs, CO2-W 3-L
Saddleback Cowboys Grey (CA)14-12 LoseSteamboat Springs7/28/174:00 PMSteamboat Springs, CO2-W 4-L

2017 13U Perfect Game BCS Championships

Finished 3rd out of 24 teams.
Diamond Jacks (NJ)17-3 WinJetblue Park #67/24/1712:30 PMFort Myers, FL1-W 0-L
Coastal Prospects 13U Navy (FL)8-2 WinJetblue Park #67/24/172:45 PMFort Myers, FL2-W 0-L
IBAHS (PR)9-3 WinLee County Complex #37/25/1712:30 PMFort Myers, FL3-W 0-L
5 Star Nationals (FL)12-0 WinLee County Complex #27/26/178:00 AMFort Myers, FL4-W 0-L
Dirtbags 13U Black (NC)12-3 WinLee County Complex #27/26/1712:30 PMFort Myers, FL5-W 0-L
NJ Axemen (NJ)10-3 WinLee County Complex #27/27/1710:15 AMFort Myers, FL6-W 0-L
#1 Seed Overall
Dirty South (VA)8-0 WinLee County Complex #27/28/178:00 AMFort Myers, FL7-W 0-L
Kangaroo Court Roos (FL)11-5 LoseJetblue Park #47/29/178:00 AMFort Myers, FL7-W 1-L


2016 13U Junior All State Games

Finished 5th out of 7 teams.
Team Wisconsin Green (WI)14-4 LoseWoodside Field 88/5/159:00 AMMauston, WI0-W 1-L
Team Southern Illinois (IL)10-9 WinWoodside Field 88/5/1511:00 AMMauston, WI1-W 1-L
#7 Seed Overall
Team Norther Illinois Black (IL)3-0 LoseWoodside Field 88/6/1511:00 AMMauston, WI1-W 2-L
Team Iowa (IA)8-0 LoseWoodside Field 78/6/151:00 PMMauston, WI1-W 3-L

2016 13U Chesapeake Classic

Finished 1st out of 10 teams.
Matawan Terries (NJ)10-0 WinHarford CC8/5/169:00 AMBel Air, MD1-W 0-L
Stealin Home (NJ)5-2 WinYankee8/5/163:15 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 0-L
Salt City Yankees (NY)15-11 WinYankee8/6/1612:30 PMAberdeen, MD3-W 0-L
#2 Seed Overall
Rising Stars (PA)11-3 WinHarford CC8/7/169:00 AMBel Air, MD4-W 0-L
Buffalo Braves (NY)3-2 WinHarford CC8/7/162:00 PMBel Air, MD5-W 0-L
Crusaders Baseball Club (NY)5-3 WinYankee8/7/165:00 PMAberdeen, MD6-W 0-L


2015 13U Chesapeake Classic

Team wins the tournament undefeated; 1st out of 16 teams.
Maine Lightning (ME)14-0 WinYankee8/14/1512:30 PMAberdeen, MD1-W 0-L
Towamencin Titans (PA)13-3 WinHarford CC8/15/159:00 AMBel Air, MD2-W 0-L
Rockland Rampage (NY)11-8 WinStancill8/15/152:45 PMHarve De Grace, MD3-W 0-L
#1 Seed Overall
Rockland Rampage (NY)6-3 WinStancill8/16/159:00 AMHarve De Grace, MD4-W 0-L
TM Select (NY)15-5 WinStancill8/16/1512:30 PMHarve De Grace, MD5-W 0-L
Syracuse Sport Zone Green (NY)9-7 WinYankee8/16/153:15 PMAberdeen, MD6-W 0-L


2014 13U Chesapeake Classic

Finished 3rd out of 8 teams.
Bronx Warriors (NY)15-1 WinYankee8/15/149:00 AMAberdeen, MD1-W 0-L
RCBC Falcons (NY)16-3 WinAberdeen HS8/15/141:30 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 0-L
Bullets Baseball Academy (NY)3-2 LoseYankee8/16/142:45 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 1-L
#3 Seed Overall
Bronx Warriors (NY)11-1 WinYankee8/17/1410:30 AMAberdeen, MD3-W 1-L
NCYAA All Stars (NY)8-2 LoseAberdeen HS8/17/141:00 PMAberdeen, MD3-W 2-L


2013 13U Chesapeake Classic

Finished 4th out of 7 teams.
St. Elizabeth Saints (NY)12-1 WinRipken Stadium8/16/139:00 AMAberdeen, MD1-W 0-L
Hudson Valley Rampage (NY)10-4 LoseYankee8/16/132:00 PMAberdeen, MD1-W 1-L
Pitcairn (PA)16-5 WinYankee8/17/139:00 AMAberdeen, MD2-W 1-L
Bullets Baseball Academy (NJ)9-9 TieRipken Stadium8/17/1312:30 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 1-L 1-T
#4 Seed Overall
Bellsport Braves (NY)3-2 LoseYankee8/18/139:00 AMAberdeen, MD2-W 2-L 1-T

2012 13U Kitsap Blast

South Sound Slam 14U (WA)12-1 WinKitsap Fairgrounds8/11/124:00 PMSilverdale, WA1-W 0-L
Bulldogs White 14U (WA)5-1 LoseKitsap Fairgrounds8/11/126:00 PMSIlverdale, WA1-W 1-L
Scrimmage Game
Arena Starz (MD)16-5 WinYankee8/15/122:00 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 1-L

2012 13U Blue Crab Classic

Finished 2nd out of 8.
Philly Hitmen (PA)7-1 LoseAberdeen HS8/17/1210:00 AMAberdeen, MD2-W 2-L
Triple Threat Bearcats (PA)14-4 WinYankee8/17/121:30 PMAberdeen, MD3-W 2-L
Keystone Nationals (PA)15-4 WinYankee8/18/1211:15 AMAberdeen, MD4-W 2-L
#2 Seed Overall
Chester County Bobcats (PA)7-0 WinYankee8/19/128:30 AMAberdeen, MD5-W 2-L
Philly Hitmen (PA)12-3 LoseRipken Stadium8/19/1211:00 AMAberdeen, MD5-W 3-L


2011 13U NW Baseball - Blue Crab Classic

Finished 8th out of 8 teams.
NY Elite (NY)14-6 LoseRipken Stadium8/19/1111:15 AMAberdeen, MD0-W 1-L
West Chester Wildcats (PA)9-6 LoseYankee8/19/113:45 PMAberdeen, MD0-W 2-L
Arena Starz (MD)17-5 LoseYankee8/20/118:00 AMAberdeen, MD0-W 3-L
#8 Seed Overall Did Not Advance
Renegades of Hudson Valley (NY)RAIN OUTHarford CC8/21/119:30 AMBel Air, MD0-W 3-L

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