14U Division Overall Record

0.677 Win%
12 TRIPS4422113341


2018 14U Future Star Series 2022

Finished 6th out of 12 teams.
2018 Future Star Series 2022SCOREFieldDATETIMELocationRECORD
Primetime White (TX)15-2 WinSchiel Field #27/13/184:00 PMCypress, TX1-W 0-L
Next Level (KS)10-1 LoseSchiel Field #27/14/184:00 PMCypress, TX1-W 1-L
Houston Athletics (TX)11-1 LoseSchiel Field #37/15/188:00 AMCypress, TX1-W 2-L
#8 Seed Overall Did Not Advance
Texas Pro United/Prospect U (TX)13-3 WinSchiel Field #27/15/1810:30 AMCypress, TX2-W 2-L
Primetime 14U (TX)14-2 WinSchiel Field #17/16/189:00 AMCypress, TX3-W 2-L

2018 14U USA Baseball Cup

Finished 3rd out of 20 teams.
Brooklyn Bonnie Paws (NY)8-1 WinNTC Field 27/6/182:00 PMCary, NC1-W 0-L
Syracuse Sports Zone (NY)11-10 WinNTC Field 37/7/182:30 PMCary, NC2-W 0-L
TCA Schmunk (CO)11-4 WinColeman Field7/7/188:00 PMCary, NC3-W 0-L
#1 Seed Overall
Game On Roundtrip (GA)9-7 LoseNTC Field 37/8/188:00 AMCary, NC3-W 1-L
East Coast Clippers (NC)9-5 WinNTC Field 27/8/182:00 PMCary, NC4-W 1-L

2017 14U Ripken Chesapeake Classic

Finished 1st out of 5 teams.
Bensalem Ramblers (PA)9-5 WinYankee8/11/1712:30 PMAberdeen, MD1-W 0-L
Proswing Pride (NY)6-2 LoseHarford CC8/11/177:15 PMBel Air, MD1-W 1-L
Cadets Baseball (NY)6-5 LoseYankee8/12/178:00 AMAberdeen, MD1-W 2-L
North Harford Hawks (MD)23-2 WinHarford CC8/12/1712:30 PMBel Air, MD2-W 2-L
#3 Seed Overall
Cadets Baseball (NY)4-1 WinHarford CC8/13/1710:15 AMBel Air, MD3-W 2-L
Bensalem Ramblers (PA)4-0 WinYankee8/13/175:00 PMAberdeen, MD4-W 2-L

2017 14U USA Baseball Cup

Finished 7th out of 20 teams.
2017 Usa Baseball CupSCOREFieldDATETIMELocationRECORD
Team Beast (NY)8-2 WinNTC Field 27/15/168:00 AMCary, NC1-W 0-L
Purpose Driven (NC)3-2 WinNTC Field 47/16/168:00 AMCary, NC2-W 0-L
Mid Atlantic Red Sox (MD)12-5 LoseNTC Field 37/17/1611:00 AMCary, NC2-W 1-L
#7 Seed Overall Did Not Advance
US Elite (MA)5-1 WinNTC Field 27/17/168:00 AMCary, NC3-W 1-L

2016 14U Mundial Hit Tournament

Finished 2nd out of 4 teams.
Italy (ITA)13-2 LoseStadio Baseball8/3/168:30 AMCupra Montana, Italy0-W 1-L
Czech Republic (CZE)17-3 WinStadio Baseball8/3/168:00 PMCupra Montana, Italy1-W 1-L
Italy (ITA)10-8 LoseStadio Baseball8/5/168:30 AMCupra Montana, Italy1-W 2-L
Czech Republic (CZE)6-4 WinStadio Baseball8/5/164:00 PMCupra Montana, Italy2-W 2-L
USSSA Pennsylvania (PA)7-5 WinStadio Baseball8/6/1611:30 AMCupra Montana, Italy3-W 2-L
USSSA Pennsylvania (PA)14-4 WinStadio Baseball8/6/164:00 PMCupra Montana, Italy4-W 2-L
#2 Seed Overall
Italy (ITA)7-2 LoseStadio Baseball8/7/1611:30 AMCupra Montana, Italy4-W 3-L

2016 14U USA Baseball Cup

Rain shortened tournament. Finished 2nd Overall based on best record.
2016 Usa Baseball CupSCOREFieldDATETIMELocationRECORD
Evoshield Canes (NC)3-2 WinNTC Field 37/15/168:00 AMCary, NC1-W 0-L
TPA (NC)8-0 WinNTC Field 47/16/168:00 AMCary, NC2-W 0-L
Evoshield Seminoles (VA)5-1 LoseNTC Field 57/17/1611:00 AMCary, NC2-W 1-L
Triple Crown Kings (MA)9-1 WinNTC Field 67/17/168:00 AMCary, NC3-W 1-L
Rain Shortened Nw Elite 2Nd Best Record

2015 14U Mundial Hit Tournament

Finished 2nd out of 4 teams.
Italy South (ITA)11-10 LoseStadio Baseball8/6/1511:00 AMAtri, Italy0-W 1-L
Italy North (ITA)13-2 WinStadio Baseball8/6/152:30 PMAtri, Italy1-W 1-L
Spain (ESP)13-12 LoseStadio Baseball8/7/1511:00 AMAtri, Italy1-W 2-L
Italy South (ITA)9-8 LoseStadio Baseball8/7/155:00 PMAtri, Italy1-W 3-L
Italy North (ITA)11-8 WinStadio Baseball8/8/158:30 AMAtri, Italy2-W 3-L
Spain (ESP)14-2 WinStadio Baseball8/8/155:00 PMAtri, Italy3-W 3-L
#2 Seed Overall
Italy South (ITA)4-2 LoseStadio Baseball8/8/1511:30 AMAtri, Italy3-W 4-L

2015 14U USA Baseball Cup

Finished 6th out of 16 teams.
NC Wolverines (NC)8-0 WinNTC Field 37/31/158:00 AMCary, NC1-W 0-L
Gowags Rivercats (PA)6-1 LoseNTC Field 27/31/155:00 PMCary, NC1-W 1-L
WM9 (NC)7-5 WinNTC Field 38/1/1511:00 AMCary, NC2-W 1-L
#5 Seed Overall Did Not Advance
FBI Fungo (NC)7-3 LoseNTC Field 48/2/158:00 AMCary, NC2-W 2-L

2014 14U Mundial Hit Tournament

Finished 2nd out of 10 teams.
Spanish National Team (ESP)9-8 WinSouth Giacomo8/6/149:00 AMNettuno, Italy1-W 0-L
North Italian National Team (ITA)9-5 WinSouth Giacomo8/6/145:30 PMNettuno, Italy2-W 0-L
Czech National Team (CZE)10-0 WinSouth Giacomo8/7/149:00 AMNettuno, Italy3-W 0-L
Esperia (ITA)10-0 WinSouth Giacomo8/7/145:30 PMNettuno, Italy4-W 0-L
#1 Seed Pool B
South Italian National Team (ITA)6-5 WinTagliaboschi8/9/145:30 PMNettuno, Italy5-W 0-L
USSSA National Team (USA)14-2 LoseTagliaboschi8/10/149:00 AMNettuno, Italy5-W 1-L

2014 14U Ripken Hang Ten Tournament

Finished 4th out of 16 teams.
Legends Gold (MA)14-1 WinCrosley Field8/4/1410:15 AMMyrtle Beach, SC1-W 0-L
Proswing Pride (NY)6-1 WinPolo Grounds8/4/1412:30 PMMyrtle Beach, SC2-W 0-L
Sluggersville Blue Sox (PA)9-6 WinGriffith Park8/5/148:00 AMMyrtle Beach, SC3-W 0-L
Legends Navy (MA)11-5 WinCrosley Field8/5/1412:30 PMMyrtle Beach, SC4-W 0-L
Crusader Baseball (NY)9-8 LosePolo Grounds8/6/1410:15 AMMyrtle Beach, SC4-W 1-L
#2 Seed West
New Jersey Hitmen (NJ)7-2 WinGriffith Park8/7/1412:30 PMMyrtle Beach, SC5-W 1-L
Legends Prospects (MA)10-4 LoseEbbets Field8/8/149:00 AMMyrtle Beach, SC5-W 2-L

2013 14U Mundial Hit Tournament

Finished 3rd out of 8 teams.
Selezione (ITA)10-5 LoseCamusi8/7/139:00 AMNettuno, Italy0-W 1-L
Russia National Team (RUS)22-1 WinTagliaboschi8/7/133:00 PMNettuno, Italy1-W 1-L
South Italian National Team (ITA)7-4 WinCamusi8/8/1311:30 AMNettuno, Italy2-W 1-L
#2 Seed Pool B
South Italian National Team (ITA)8-8 TieTagliaboschi8/8/135:30 PMNettuno, Italy2-W 1-L 1-T
Central Italian National Team (ITA)11-0 WinCamusi8/10/139:00 AMNettuno, Italy3-W 1-L 1-T
Czech National Team Con. (CZE)11-7 WinCamusi8/10/134:00 PMNettuno, Italy4-W 1-L 1-T

2012 14U Ripken Hang Ten Tournament

Finished 5th out of 14 teams.
RBI Storm (MA)9-4 WinPolo Grounds8/6/127:15 PMMyrtle Beach, SC1-W 0-L
Chesterfield Raptors (MI)4-2 LosePolo Grounds8/6/129:15 PMMyrtle Beach, SC1-W 1-L
Cape May Stingrays (NJ)9-8 WinEbbets Field8/7/1210:15 AMMyrtle Beach, SC2-W 1-L
Green Monsters North (MA)10-3 WinPolo Grounds8/7/124:30 PMMyrtle Beach, SC3-W 1-L
Miami Lakes Bengals Orange (FL)10-0 WinGriffith Park8/8/1212:30 PMMyrtle Beach, SC4-W 1-L
#2 Seed West
Miami Expos (FL)8-3 LoseEbbets Field8/9/128:00 AMMyrtle Beach, SC4-W 2-L

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