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Tuesday, July 16th

16U Division Overall

0.789 Win%
7 TRIPS308221121


2018 16U Dynamic World Championships

Finished 2nd out of 31 teams.
Akadema Warriors (DE)3-2 WinUniv Of North Carolina7/26/1811:30 AMChapel Hill, NC1-W 0-L
Carolina Titans 2020 (NC)8-1 WinHolly Spring HS7/26/185:20 PMHolly Springs, NC2-W 0-L
Pipeline Baseball (SC)9-6 WinGranville Athletic Park #27/27/181:30 PMOxford, NC3-W 0-L
Canes Eastern 2020 (VA)9-0 WinElon University7/28/184:00 PMElon, NC4-W 0-L
#1 Seed Overall
Hawks Select (WA)12-4 WinUniv Of North Carolina7/29/181:40 PMChapel Hill, NC5-W 0-L
Api Cavaliers (MD)8-0 LoseUniv Of North Carolina7/29/184:00 PMChapel Hill, NC5-W 1-L

2017 2019 Futures Stars Series

#9 Seed overall. Team did not advance.
Trombly Baseball (CA)11-2 WinSchiel Field #27/2/1710:15 AMCypress, TX1-W 0-L
Team Louisiana (LA)7-7 TieSchiel Field #27/2/1712:30 PMCypress, TX1-W 0-L 1-T
PBA Wisconsin (WI)8-5 LosePremier Field #67/3/172:45 PMTomball, TX1-W 1-L 1-T
Next Level Baseball (KS)4-1 LosePremier Field #37/4/172:45 PMTomball, TX1-W 2-L 1-T
#9 Seed Overall Did Not Advance

2016 16U Dynamic World Championships

Finished 1st out of 26 teams.
Evoshield Canes Central (NC)3-2 WinNorth Carolina State7/28/163:00 PMRaleigh, NC1-W 0-L
Team Demarini North Carolina (NC)8-6 LoseUniv Of North Carolina7/29/164:30 PMChapel Hill, NC1-W 1-L
Bluegrass Xpress (KY)6-5 WinCarrboro High School7/30/169:00 AMCarborro, NC2-W 1-L
Triple Crown Royals-Grey (OH)5-0 WinNorth Main Complex7/30/161:00 PMHolly Springs, NC3-W 1-L
#5 Seed Overall
Hitting Factory Warriors (NC)8-1 WinUniv Of North Carolina7/31/169:00 AMChapel Hill, NC4-W 1-L
Evoshield Seminoles (VA)6-3 WinUniv Of North Carolina7/31/1611:30 AMChapel Hill, NC5-W 1-L
Mid-Atlantic Red Sox (MD)13-4 WinUniv Of North Carolina7/31/164:30 PMChapel Hill, NC6-W 1-L

2015 16U Dynamic World Championships

Finished 6th out of 28 teams.
Ontario Expos (CAN)9-0 WinNorth Carolina State7/30/163:30 PMRaleigh, NC1-W 0-L
Evoshield Canes Central (NC)7-4 LoseHolly Springs HS7/31/1610:20 AMHolly Springs, NC1-W 1-L
Carolina Ravens (NC)8-0 WinLee County HS7/31/166:00 PMSanford, NC2-W 1-L
Old Dominion Hitters (VA)12-4 WinDurham Athletic Park8/1/169:00 AMDurham, NC3-W 1-L
#6 Seed Overall Did Not Advance

2014 16U Dynamic World Championships

Did not finish due to rainout. Finished with best overall record.
Viper Baseball (KY)6-3 WinNorth Carolina State7/31/145:30 PMRaleigh, NC1-W 0-L
L And M Baseball (RI)7-6 WinNorth Carolina State7/31/148:00 PMRaleigh, NC2-W 0-L
Demarini Stars (NC)8-2 WinNorth Carolina Wesleyan8/1/1412:00 PMRocky Mount, NC3-W 0-L
Usa Baseball Elite (PA)7-5 WinDuke University8/2/143:00 PMDurham, NC4-W 0-L
Rain Shortened Nw Elite Best Overall Record

2013 16U Ripken Hang Ten

Finished 3rd out of 16 teams.
Cape May Stingrays (NJ)11-1 WinEbbets Field8/4/132:45 PMMyrlte Beach, SC1-W 0-L
Ramapo Rangers (NJ)3-2 WinGriffith Park8/5/1310:15 AMMyrlte Beach, SC2-W 0-L
Milville Lightning (NJ)1-1 TieGriffith Park8/6/138:00 AMMyrlte Beach, SC2-W 0-L 1-T
Southern Dutchess Lightning (NY)11-1 WinCarolina Forest HS8/7/1310:00 AMMyrlte Beach, SC3-W 0-L 1-T
Berkshire Americans (MA)8-4 WinGriffith Park8/7/135:00 PMMyrlte Beach, SC4-W 0-L 1-T
#2 Seed East
Pride Select (NY)2-1 WinPolo Grounds8/8/135:00 PMMyrlte Beach, SC5-W 0-L 1-T
New Jersey Patriots(NJ)5-1 LoseEbbets Field8/9/1311:15 AMMyrlte Beach, SC5-W 1-L 1-T

2012 16U Ripken Hang Ten

Finished 1st out of 14 teams.
Smithtown Bulls (NY)7-2 WinEbbets Field8/6/128:00 AMMyrlte Beach, SC1-W 0-L
Jersey Brawlers (NJ)4-3 WinGriffith Park8/6/1212:30 PMMyrlte Beach, SC2-W 0-L
Berkshire Americans (MA)4-1 WinPolo Grounds8/7/127:00 PMMyrlte Beach, SC3-W 0-L
Api Baseball Red (MD)4-3 LoseGriffith Park8/7/219:00 PMMyrlte Beach, SC3-W 1-L
Saugus Wings (MA)4-1 LoseEbbets Field8/8/129:15 PMMyrlte Beach, SC3-W 2-L
#2 Seed North
Spring Grove Baseball (MD)11-1 WinGriffith Park8/9/1212:30 PMMyrlte Beach, SC4-W 2-L
Proswing Pride (NY)13-11 WinGriffith Park8/9/122:45 PMMyrlte Beach, SC5-W 2-L
Uxbrige Green Monsters (MA)12-3 WinEbbets Field8/10/129:00 AMMyrlte Beach, SC6-W 2-L

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