18U Division Overall Record

0.821 Win%
5 Trips235111300


2018 18U Scout Stop Tournament

Finished 3rd out of 22 teams.
MAC Strength (MN)4-1 WinBig Willow8/25/189:00 AMMinnetonka, MN1-W 0-L
Hit Dawgs (MN)8-3 WinBig Willow8/25/181:30 PMMinnetonka, MN2-W 0-L
Rochester Pines (MN)12-6 WinBig Willow8/25/183:45 PMMinnetonka, MN3-W 0-L
#4 Seed Overall
Pine Tar 18U (MN)7-0 WinNorthwestern College8/26/189:00 AMSt. Paul, MN4-W 0-L
Minnesota Blizzard Blue (MN)1-0 LoseNorthwestern College8/26/1811:15 AMSt. Paul, MN4-W 1-L


2017 18U Scout Stop Tournament

Finished 1st out of 34 teams.
Minnesota Blizzard Gold (MN)7-1 WinMiesville8/24/171:30 PMMinneapolis, MN1-W 0-L
Complete Game Black (MN)11-1 WinMiesville8/26/1611:15 AMCoon Rapids, MN2-W 0-L
Minnesota SWAT White (MN)7-3 WinMiesville8/26/163:45 PMCoon Rapids, MN3-W 0-L
#2 Seed Pool B
Minnesota Blizzard Blue 2019 (MN)6-1 WinCentury College8/27/169:00 AMWhite Bear Lake, MN4-W 0-L
Great Lakes Black (MN)3-2 WinCentury College8/27/1611:30 AMWhite Bear Lake, MN5-W 0-L
Minnesota SWAT Purple (MN)2-1 WinCentury College8/28/163:00 PMWhite Bear Lake, MN6-W 0-L


2016 18U Scout Stop Tournament

Finished 2nd out of 32 teams.
Minnetonka Academy (MN)3-2 WinSiebert Field8/25/166:15 PMMinneapolis, MN1-W 0-L
TCBA Prime (MN)7-4 LoseWintercrest East8/26/1611:15 AMCoon Rapids, MN1-W 1-L
MN Millers Grey (IA)13-2 WinWintercrest East8/26/163:45 PMCoon Rapids, MN2-W 1-L
#2 Seed Pool B
Minnesota Blizzard Black (MN)6-2 WinNorthwestern College8/27/163:45 PMSt. Paul, MN3-W 1-L
Complete Game White (MN)7-2 WinNorthwestern College8/27/167:00 PMSt. Paul, MN4-W 1-L
Iowa Sticks Red (IA)13-2 WinNorthwestern College8/28/1610:00 AMSt. Paul, MN5-W 1-L
Minnesota Blizzard Blue (MN)5-2 LoseSiebert Field8/28/161:30 PMMinneapolis, MN5-W 2-L


2015 18U Scout Stop

Finished 3rd out of 28 teams.
TCBA Reds (MN)7-2 WinNorthwestern8/27/163:45 PMSt. Paul, MN1-W 0-L
Iowa Stix Scout Team (IA)0-0 TieSierbert Field8/28/169:00 AMMinneapolis, MN1-W 0-L 1-T
Minnesota Mash Cardinal 17U (MN)7-2 WinSierbert Field8/28/161:30 PMMinneapolis, MN2-W 0-L 1-T
#1 Seed Overall
Pine Tar Baseball (MN)5-4 WinCentury College8/28/1611:15 AMWhite Bear Lake, MN3-W 0-L 1-T
Minnetonka Blue (MN)9-2 WinCentury College8/28/161:30 PMWhite Bear Lake, MN4-W 0-L 1-T
Minnesota Blizzard Blue (MN)10-0 LoseSierbert Field8/28/1610:00 AMMinneapolis, MN4-W 1-L 1-T


2014 18U Scout Stop Tournament

Finished 3rd out of 20 teams.
Elk River Elks (MN)7-5 WinConcordia St. Paul8/29/1412:00 PMSt. Paul, MN1-W 0-L
Complete Game Red (MN)8-0 WinUniversity of Minnesota8/30/142:15 PMMinneapolis, MN2-W 0-L
Pine Tar Fire Blue (MN)7-2 WinUniversity of Minnesota8/30/144:30 PMMinneapolis, MN3-W 0-L
Iowa Stix Red (IA)3-2 WinUniversity of Minnesota8/31/1412:00 PMMinneapolis, MN4-W 0-L
#1 Seed Pool D
Iowa Stix White (IA)5-3 LoseConcordia St. Paul8/31/144:30 PMSt. Paul, MN4-W 1-L

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