2012 Overall Record

.667 Win%


2012 16U Ripken Hang Ten

Finished 1st out of 14 teams.
Smithtown Bulls (NY)7-2 WinEbbets Field8/6/128:00 AMMyrlte Beach, SC1-W 0-L
Jersey Brawlers (NJ)4-3 WinGriffith Park8/6/1212:30 PMMyrlte Beach, SC2-W 0-L
Berkshire Americans (MA)4-1 WinPolo Grounds8/7/127:00 PMMyrlte Beach, SC3-W 0-L
Api Baseball Red (MD)4-3 LoseGriffith Park8/7/219:00 PMMyrlte Beach, SC3-W 1-L
Saugus Wings (MA)4-1 LoseEbbets Field8/8/129:15 PMMyrlte Beach, SC3-W 2-L
#2 Seed North
Spring Grove Baseball (MD)11-1 WinGriffith Park8/9/1212:30 PMMyrlte Beach, SC4-W 2-L
Proswing Pride (NY)13-11 WinGriffith Park8/9/122:45 PMMyrlte Beach, SC5-W 2-L
Uxbrige Green Monsters (MA)12-3 WinEbbets Field8/10/129:00 AMMyrlte Beach, SC6-W 2-L

2012 14U Ripken Hang Ten Tournament

Finished 5th out of 14 teams.
RBI Storm (MA)9-4 WinPolo Grounds8/6/127:15 PMMyrtle Beach, SC1-W 0-L
Chesterfield Raptors (MI)4-2 LosePolo Grounds8/6/129:15 PMMyrtle Beach, SC1-W 1-L
Cape May Stingrays (NJ)9-8 WinEbbets Field8/7/1210:15 AMMyrtle Beach, SC2-W 1-L
Green Monsters North (MA)10-3 WinPolo Grounds8/7/124:30 PMMyrtle Beach, SC3-W 1-L
Miami Lakes Bengals Orange (FL)10-0 WinGriffith Park8/8/1212:30 PMMyrtle Beach, SC4-W 1-L
#2 Seed West
Miami Expos (FL)8-3 LoseEbbets Field8/9/128:00 AMMyrtle Beach, SC4-W 2-L

2012 13U Blue Crab Classic

Finished 2nd out of 8.
Philly Hitmen (PA)7-1 LoseAberdeen HS8/17/1210:00 AMAberdeen, MD2-W 2-L
Triple Threat Bearcats (PA)14-4 WinYankee8/17/121:30 PMAberdeen, MD3-W 2-L
Keystone Nationals (PA)15-4 WinYankee8/18/1211:15 AMAberdeen, MD4-W 2-L
#2 Seed Overall
Chester County Bobcats (PA)7-0 WinYankee8/19/128:30 AMAberdeen, MD5-W 2-L
Philly Hitmen (PA)12-3 LoseRipken Stadium8/19/1211:00 AMAberdeen, MD5-W 3-L

2012 13U Kitsap Blast

South Sound Slam 14U (WA)12-1 WinKitsap Fairgrounds8/11/124:00 PMSilverdale, WA1-W 0-L
Bulldogs White 14U (WA)5-1 LoseKitsap Fairgrounds8/11/126:00 PMSIlverdale, WA1-W 1-L
Scrimmage Game
Arena Starz (MD)16-5 WinYankee8/15/122:00 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 1-L

2012 12U Blue Crab Classic

Finished 6th out of 12 teams.
Harford Land Sharks (MD)8-6 WinTucker Field8/15/122:00 PMBaltimore, MD1-W 0-L
Pitcairn (PA)11-3 WinWrigley8/17/129:00 AMAberdeen, MD2-W 0-L
Navajo Gators BBC (NY)28-2 LoseMemorial8/17/122:00 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 1-L
St. Elizabeth Saints (NY)8-3 WinFenway8/18/122:30 PMAberdeen, MD3-W 1-L
#6 Seed Overall Did Not Advance
Pennsylvania (PA)12-4 LoseWrigley8/19/128:30 AMAberdeen, MD3-W 2-L

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