2014 Overall Record

.722 Win%


2014 18U Scout Stop Tournament

Finished 3rd out of 20 teams.
Elk River Elks (MN)7-5 WinConcordia St. Paul8/29/1412:00 PMSt. Paul, MN1-W 0-L
Complete Game Red (MN)8-0 WinUniversity of Minnesota8/30/142:15 PMMinneapolis, MN2-W 0-L
Pine Tar Fire Blue (MN)7-2 WinUniversity of Minnesota8/30/144:30 PMMinneapolis, MN3-W 0-L
Iowa Stix Red (IA)3-2 WinUniversity of Minnesota8/31/1412:00 PMMinneapolis, MN4-W 0-L
#1 Seed Pool D
Iowa Stix White (IA)5-3 LoseConcordia St. Paul8/31/144:30 PMSt. Paul, MN4-W 1-L

2014 16U Dynamic World Championships

Did not finish due to rainout. Finished with best overall record.
Viper Baseball (KY)6-3 WinNorth Carolina State7/31/145:30 PMRaleigh, NC1-W 0-L
L And M Baseball (RI)7-6 WinNorth Carolina State7/31/148:00 PMRaleigh, NC2-W 0-L
Demarini Stars (NC)8-2 WinNorth Carolina Wesleyan8/1/1412:00 PMRocky Mount, NC3-W 0-L
Usa Baseball Elite (PA)7-5 WinDuke University8/2/143:00 PMDurham, NC4-W 0-L
Rain Shortened Nw Elite Best Overall Record

2014 15U Scout Stop

Finished 8th out of 15 teams.
WCB (MN)5-2 LoseDakota Tech8/29/149:45 AMRosemount, MN0-W 1-L
PHD (MN)5-4 WinRich Valley #98/30/142:15 PMInver Grove Heights, MN1-W 1-L
Wisconsin All Stars (WI)9-1 WinRich Valley #98/30/144:30 PMInver Grove Heights, MN2-W 1-L
Minnesota Blizzard Blue (MN)10-2 LoseQuarry Point #28/31/1410:45 AMApple Valley, MN2-W 2-L
#8 Overall Seed Did Not Advance

2014 14U Mundial Hit Tournament

Finished 2nd out of 10 teams.
Spanish National Team (ESP)9-8 WinSouth Giacomo8/6/149:00 AMNettuno, Italy1-W 0-L
North Italian National Team (ITA)9-5 WinSouth Giacomo8/6/145:30 PMNettuno, Italy2-W 0-L
Czech National Team (CZE)10-0 WinSouth Giacomo8/7/149:00 AMNettuno, Italy3-W 0-L
Esperia (ITA)10-0 WinSouth Giacomo8/7/145:30 PMNettuno, Italy4-W 0-L
#1 Seed Pool B
South Italian National Team (ITA)6-5 WinTagliaboschi8/9/145:30 PMNettuno, Italy5-W 0-L
USSSA National Team (USA)14-2 LoseTagliaboschi8/10/149:00 AMNettuno, Italy5-W 1-L

2014 14U Ripken Hang Ten Tournament

Finished 4th out of 16 teams.
Legends Gold (MA)14-1 WinCrosley Field8/4/1410:15 AMMyrtle Beach, SC1-W 0-L
Proswing Pride (NY)6-1 WinPolo Grounds8/4/1412:30 PMMyrtle Beach, SC2-W 0-L
Sluggersville Blue Sox (PA)9-6 WinGriffith Park8/5/148:00 AMMyrtle Beach, SC3-W 0-L
Legends Navy (MA)11-5 WinCrosley Field8/5/1412:30 PMMyrtle Beach, SC4-W 0-L
Crusader Baseball (NY)9-8 LosePolo Grounds8/6/1410:15 AMMyrtle Beach, SC4-W 1-L
#2 Seed West
New Jersey Hitmen (NJ)7-2 WinGriffith Park8/7/1412:30 PMMyrtle Beach, SC5-W 1-L
Legends Prospects (MA)10-4 LoseEbbets Field8/8/149:00 AMMyrtle Beach, SC5-W 2-L

2014 13U Chesapeake Classic

Finished 3rd out of 8 teams.
Bronx Warriors (NY)15-1 WinYankee8/15/149:00 AMAberdeen, MD1-W 0-L
RCBC Falcons (NY)16-3 WinAberdeen HS8/15/141:30 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 0-L
Bullets Baseball Academy (NY)3-2 LoseYankee8/16/142:45 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 1-L
#3 Seed Overall
Bronx Warriors (NY)11-1 WinYankee8/17/1410:30 AMAberdeen, MD3-W 1-L
NCYAA All Stars (NY)8-2 LoseAberdeen HS8/17/141:00 PMAberdeen, MD3-W 2-L

2014 12U Chesapeake Classic

Finished 3rd out of 16 teams.
Evans Eagles (NY)5-2 WinFenway8/15/1412:15 PMAberdeen, MD1-W 0-L
KSU Thunder (PA)3-2 LoseCitizens Bank8/16/148:00 AMAberdeen, MD1-W 1-L
Bullets Baseball Academy (NJ)13-4 WinFenway8/16/141:30 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 1-L
#3 Seed Overall
Lehigh Yankees (NY)3-0 WinMemorial8/17/149:00 AMAberdeen, MD3-W 1-L
Diamond Jacks Super (NJ)5-2 LoseFenway8/17/141:30 PMAberdeen, MD3-W 2-L

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