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Tuesday, July 16th

2015 Overall Record

.652 Win%


2015 18U Scout Stop

Finished 3rd out of 28 teams.
TCBA Reds (MN)7-2 WinNorthwestern8/27/163:45 PMSt. Paul, MN1-W 0-L
Iowa Stix Scout Team (IA)0-0 TieSierbert Field8/28/169:00 AMMinneapolis, MN1-W 0-L 1-T
Minnesota Mash Cardinal 17U (MN)7-2 WinSierbert Field8/28/161:30 PMMinneapolis, MN2-W 0-L 1-T
#1 Seed Overall
Pine Tar Baseball (MN)5-4 WinCentury College8/28/1611:15 AMWhite Bear Lake, MN3-W 0-L 1-T
Minnetonka Blue (MN)9-2 WinCentury College8/28/161:30 PMWhite Bear Lake, MN4-W 0-L 1-T
Minnesota Blizzard Blue (MN)10-0 LoseSierbert Field8/28/1610:00 AMMinneapolis, MN4-W 1-L 1-T

2015 16U Dynamic World Championships

Finished 6th out of 28 teams.
Ontario Expos (CAN)9-0 WinNorth Carolina State7/30/163:30 PMRaleigh, NC1-W 0-L
Evoshield Canes Central (NC)7-4 LoseHolly Springs HS7/31/1610:20 AMHolly Springs, NC1-W 1-L
Carolina Ravens (NC)8-0 WinLee County HS7/31/166:00 PMSanford, NC2-W 1-L
Old Dominion Hitters (VA)12-4 WinDurham Athletic Park8/1/169:00 AMDurham, NC3-W 1-L
#6 Seed Overall Did Not Advance

2015 15U Scout Stop

Finished 3rd out of 16 teams.
St. Paul Storm (MN)9-2 WinBig Willow8/27/1511:15 AMMinnetonka, MN1-W 0-L
Minnesota Blizzard Black (MN)5-4 WinRV 98/28/159:00 AMInver Grove Heights, MN2-W 0-L
Minnesota Mash Grey (MN)1-0 WinRV 98/28/1511:15 AMInver Grove Heights, MN3-W 0-L
#2 Seed heading into bracket play
Minnesota Mash Black (MN)9-4 WinHampton8/29/1511:15 AMHampton, MN4-W 0-L
Minnesota Blizzard Blue (MN)6-2 LoseHampton8/29/151:30 PMHampton, MN4-W 1-L

2015 15U Dynamic World Championships

Finished 3rd overall.
Catonsville Cubs (MD)6-5 LoseLouisburg College7/31/151:00 PMLouisburg, NC0-W 1-L
Evoshield Seminoles (VA)4-0 WinNorth Carolina State7/31/156:00 PMRaleigh, NC1-W 1-L
Bluegrass Xpress (KY)9-4 WinDurham Riverside HS8/1/1511:30 AMDurham, NC2-W 1-L
TPA Athletics-Thompson (NC)9-5 WinLeesville Road HS8/1/154:40 PMRaleigh, NC3-W 1-L
#5 Seed Overall
Eastern Carolina Stix (NC)3-1 WinDurham Athletic Park8/2/159:00 AMDurham, NC4-W 1-L
CT Wolfpack (CT)12-4 LoseDurham Athletic Park8/2/1511:30 AMDurham, NC4-W 2-L

2015 14U USA Baseball Cup

Finished 6th out of 16 teams.
NC Wolverines (NC)8-0 WinNTC Field 37/31/158:00 AMCary, NC1-W 0-L
Gowags Rivercats (PA)6-1 LoseNTC Field 27/31/155:00 PMCary, NC1-W 1-L
WM9 (NC)7-5 WinNTC Field 38/1/1511:00 AMCary, NC2-W 1-L
#5 Seed (Consolation Game)
FBI Fungo (NC)7-3 LoseNTC Field 48/2/158:00 AMCary, NC2-W 2-L

2015 14U Mundial Hit Tournament

Finished 2nd out of 4 teams.
Italy South (ITA)11-10 LoseStadio Baseball8/6/1511:00 AMAtri, Italy0-W 1-L
Italy South (ITA)13-2 WinStadio Baseball8/6/152:30 PMAtri, Italy1-W 1-L
Spain (ESP)13-12 LoseStadio Baseball8/7/1511:00 AMAtri, Italy1-W 2-L
Italy South (ITA)9-8 LoseStadio Baseball8/7/155:00 PMAtri, Italy1-W 3-L
Italy South (ITA)11-8 WinStadio Baseball8/8/158:30 AMAtri, Italy2-W 3-L
Spain (ESP)14-12 WinStadio Baseball8/8/155:00 PMAtri, Italy3-W 3-L
#2 Seed
Italy South (ITA)4-2 LoseStadio Baseball8/8/1511:30 AMAtri, Italy3-W 4-L

2015 13U Chesapeake Classic

Team wins the tournament undefeated; 1st out of 16 teams.
Maine Lightning (ME)14-0 WinYankee8/14/1512:30 PMAberdeen, MD1-W 0-L
Towamencin Titans (PA)13-3 WinHarford CC8/15/159:00 AMBel Air, MD2-W 0-L
Rockland Rampage (NY)11-8 WinStancill8/15/152:45 PMHarve De Grace, MD3-W 0-L
#1 Seed Overall
Rockland Rampage (NY)6-3 WinStancill8/16/159:00 AMHarve De Grace, MD4-W 0-L
TM Select (NY)15-5 WinStancill8/16/1512:30 PMHarve De Grace, MD5-W 0-L
Syracuse Sport Zone Green (NY)9-7 WinYankee8/16/153:15 PMAberdeen, MD6-W 0-L

2015 12U Chesapeake Classic

Finished 5th out of 24 teams.
Lancaster Jr Barnstormers (PA)6-5 WinCal Sr Yard8/14/1512:30 PMAberdeen, MD1-W 0-L
Crushers Baseball (OH)20-9 WinNationals8/15/1510:15 AMAberdeen, MD2-W 0-L
Crusaders Baseball Blue (NY)18-3 WinMemorial8/15/155:00 PMAberdeen, MD3-W 0-L
#5 Seed heading into bracket play
Shutdown Orioles (MD)5-6 LoseMemorial8/16/159:00 AMAberdeen, MD3-W 1-L

2015 11U Junior All-State Games

The team finishes 6th out of 8.
Team Nebraska (NE)6-5 LoseWoodside Field 88/7/159:00 AMMauston, WI0-W 1-L
Northern Illinois Black (IL)8-6 LoseWoodside Field 88/7/1511:00 AMMauston, WI0-W 2-L
#7 Seed
Northern Illinois Black (IL)4-3 LoseWoodside Field 88/8/1511:00 AMMauston, WI0-W 3-L
Team Nebraska (NE)8-0 WinWoodside Field 78/8/151:00 PMMauston, WI1-W 3-L
Team Wisconsin-Green (WI)11-4 LoseWoodside Field 88/9/159:00 AMMauston, WI1-W 4-L

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