2017 Overall Record

.643 Win%


2017 18U Scout Stop Tournament

Finished 1st out of 34 teams.
Minnesota Blizzard Gold (MN)7-1 WinMiesville8/24/171:30 PMMinneapolis, MN1-W 0-L
Complete Game Black (MN)11-1 WinMiesville8/26/1611:15 AMCoon Rapids, MN2-W 0-L
Minnesota SWAT White (MN)7-3 WinMiesville8/26/163:45 PMCoon Rapids, MN3-W 0-L
#2 Seed Pool B
Minnesota Blizzard Blue 2019 (MN)6-1 WinCentury College8/27/169:00 AMWhite Bear Lake, MN4-W 0-L
Great Lakes Black (MN)3-2 WinCentury College8/27/1611:30 AMWhite Bear Lake, MN5-W 0-L
Minnesota SWAT Purple (MN)2-1 WinCentury College8/28/163:00 PMWhite Bear Lake, MN6-W 0-L

2017 16U Future Star Series 2019

Finished 16th out of 22 teams.
Trombly Baseball (CA)11-2 WinSchiel Field #27/2/1710:15 AMCypress, TX1-W 0-L
Team Louisiana (LA)7-7 TieSchiel Field #27/2/1712:30 PMCypress, TX1-W 0-L 1-T
PBA Wisconsin (WI)8-5 LosePremier Field #67/3/172:45 PMTomball, TX1-W 1-L 1-T
Next Level Baseball (KS)4-1 LosePremier Field #37/4/172:45 PMTomball, TX1-W 2-L 1-T
#9 Seed Overall Did Not Advance

2017 15U Future star Series 2020

Finished 2nd.
RBI Warriors (MA)3-0 WinSchiel Field #37/9/179:00 AMCypress, TX1-W 0-L
PBA Wisconsin (WI)11-5 WinSchiel Field #37/9/1711:30 AMCypress, TX2-W 0-L
Primetime White (TX)7-2 WinPremier #67/10/172:00 PMTomball, TX3-W 0-L
#2 Seed Overall
SD Hustle (CA)1-0 WinPremier7/11/172:00 PMTomball, TX4-W 0-L
PBA Wisconsin (WI)5-0 WinPremier7/12/178:00 AMTomball, TX5-W 0-L
Game Prep Baseball (CA)3-1 LosePremier7/12/1710:30 AMTomball, TX5-W 1-L

2017 14U Ripken Chesapeake Classic

Finished 1st out of 5 teams.
Bensalem Ramblers (PA)9-5 WinYankee8/11/1712:30 PMAberdeen, MD1-W 0-L
Proswing Pride (NY)6-2 LoseHarford CC8/11/177:15 PMBel Air, MD1-W 1-L
Cadets Baseball (NY)6-5 LoseYankee8/12/178:00 AMAberdeen, MD1-W 2-L
North Harford Hawks (MD)23-2 WinHarford CC8/12/1712:30 PMBel Air, MD2-W 2-L
#3 Seed Overall
Cadets Baseball (NY)4-1 WinHarford CC8/13/1710:15 AMBel Air, MD3-W 2-L
Bensalem Ramblers (PA)4-0 WinYankee8/13/175:00 PMAberdeen, MD4-W 2-L

2017 14U USA Baseball Cup

Finished 7th out of 20 teams.
2017 Usa Baseball CupSCOREFieldDATETIMELocationRECORD
Team Beast (NY)8-2 WinNTC Field 27/15/168:00 AMCary, NC1-W 0-L
Purpose Driven (NC)3-2 WinNTC Field 47/16/168:00 AMCary, NC2-W 0-L
Mid Atlantic Red Sox (MD)12-5 LoseNTC Field 37/17/1611:00 AMCary, NC2-W 1-L
#7 Seed Overall Did Not Advance
US Elite (MA)5-1 WinNTC Field 27/17/168:00 AMCary, NC3-W 1-L

2017 13U Triple Crown D-1 World Series

Finished 39th out of 46 teams.
EBA Baseball (CA)13-9 LoseOak Creek Upper Field7/26/1712:30 PMSteamboat Springs, CO0-W 1-L
SL Sidewinders (UT)8-7 WinOak Creek Upper Field7/26/172:45 PMSteamboat Springs, CO1-W 1-L
Amour Baseball (CO)29-6 LoseStrawberry Field7/27/177:30 AMSteamboat Springs, CO1-W 2-L
#36 Overall Seed - Bronze Bracket
Team No Fear Silver (CA)10-6 LoseSteamboat Springs7/28/1712:00 PMSteamboat Springs, CO1-W 3-L
Lone Star Cubs (TX)12-11 WinSteamboat Springs7/28/172:00 PMSteamboat Springs, CO2-W 3-L
Saddleback Cowboys Grey (CA)14-12 LoseSteamboat Springs7/28/174:00 PMSteamboat Springs, CO2-W 4-L

2017 13U Perfect Game BCS Championships

Finished 3rd out of 24 teams.
Diamond Jacks (NJ)17-3 WinJetblue Park #67/24/1712:30 PMFort Myers, FL1-W 0-L
Coastal Prospects 13U Navy (FL)8-2 WinJetblue Park #67/24/172:45 PMFort Myers, FL2-W 0-L
IBAHS (PR)9-3 WinLee County Complex #37/25/1712:30 PMFort Myers, FL3-W 0-L
5 Star Nationals (FL)12-0 WinLee County Complex #27/26/178:00 AMFort Myers, FL4-W 0-L
Dirtbags 13U Black (NC)12-3 WinLee County Complex #27/26/1712:30 PMFort Myers, FL5-W 0-L
NJ Axemen (NJ)10-3 WinLee County Complex #27/27/1710:15 AMFort Myers, FL6-W 0-L
#1 Seed Overall
Dirty South (VA)8-0 WinLee County Complex #27/28/178:00 AMFort Myers, FL7-W 0-L
Kangaroo Court Roos (FL)11-5 LoseJetblue Park #47/29/178:00 AMFort Myers, FL7-W 1-L

2017 12U Chesapeake Classic

Finished 5th out of 11 teams.
ASBA Crawdads (PA)5-2 LoseBoys And Girls Club8/11/178:00 AMAberdeen, MD0-W 1-L
NBA Nationals (VA)14-3 LoseCal Sr Yard8/11/1712:30 PMAberdeen, MD0-W 2-L
Syracus Sport Zone Black (NY)2-0 WinNationals8/12/1710:15 AMAberdeen, MD1-W 2-L
Mt. Airy Stars (PA)15-1 WinWrigley8/12/172:45 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 2-L
#5 Seed Overall
ASBA Crawdads (PA)11-2 LoseWrigley8/13/1712:30 PMAberdeen, MD2-W 3-L

2017 12U Triple Crown Slumpbuster Invite Only

Finished 5th out of 8 teams.
Millard Elite (NE)11-3 WinCouncil Bluffs Rec Complex6/14/172:00 PMCouncil Bluffs, IA1-W 0-L
Dallas Tigers Leonard (TX)13-6 LoseCouncil Bluffs Rec Complex6/15/1712:00 PMCouncil Bluffs, IA1-W 1-L
3N2 Warriors (CO)15-7 LoseCouncil Bluffs Rec Complex6/15/172:00 PMCouncil Bluffs, IA1-W 2-L
#3 Seed Pool B
Omaha Pacesetters (NE)13-12 WinCouncil Bluffs Rec Complex6/16/178:00 AMCouncil Bluffs, IA2-W 2-L
3D Gold (AZ)9-5 LoseCouncil Bluffs Rec Complex6/16/1712:00 PMCouncil Bluffs, IA2-W 3-L
Omaha Pacesetters (NE)11-10 LoseCouncil Bluffs Rec Complex6/17/178:00 AMCouncil Bluffs, IA2-W 4-L

2017 11U Triple Crown D-1 World Series

Finished 13th out of 43 teams.
Colorado Outlaws (CO)15-5 WinHayden East7/26/1712:00 PMSteamboat Springs, CO1-W 0-L
So Cal Outlaws Elite (CA)13-5 WinHayden East7/26/172:00 PMSteamboat Springs, CO2-W 0-L
HB Total Baseball (CA)6-6 TieSki Town North7/27/177:30 AMSteamboat Springs, CO2-W 0-L 1-T
#8 Seed Overall-Gold Bracket
KC Dirt Dogs (MO)12-3 LoseHayden East7/28/178:00 AMSteamboat Springs, CO2-W 1-L 1-T
Utah Grays (UT)13-5 LoseHayden East7/28/1712:00 PMSteamboat Springs, CO2-W 2-L 1-T

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